[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
I'm attempting to use the Command Line Properties as detailed within your Github page within a batch file on my Windows HTPC that will run TextureCache on the Rpi. The problem is this error.

C:\Python27>texturecache.py Xd @config=KublerRpi.cfg @section=KublerRpi
FATAL: The task you wish to perform requires read/write file
       access to the Thumbnails folder, which is inaccessible.

       Specify the location of this folder using the thumbnails property
       as an absolute path or relative to the userdata property.

       The currently configured Thumbnails path is:

       Check userdata and thumbnails settings in properties file KublerRpi.cfg

I assume this is because elevated privileges are required. Here's the command line in the batch file:

texturecache.py Xd @config=KublerRpi.cfg @section=KublerRpi

I tried prefixing the above command line within the batch file with sudo, but that didn't work most likely because I'm not on the Linux box.
C:\Python27>sudo texturecache.py Xd @config=KublerRpi.cfg @section=KublerRpi
'sudo' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Here's the config file:
sep = |
userdata = .kodi/userdata
dbfile = Database/Textures13.db
thumbnails = Thumbnails
xbmc.host = localhost
webserver.port = 8080
webserver.username = Kodi
webserver.password =
rpc.port = 9090
download.threads = 2
extrajson.albums =
extrajson.artists =
extrajson.songs =
extrajson.movies =
extrajson.sets =
extrajson.tvshows.tvshow =
extrajson.tvshows.season =
extrajson.tvshows.episode =
qaperiod = 30
qa.file = no
qa.fail.urls = ^video, ^music
qa.warn.urls =
cache.castthumb = no
cache.hideallitems = no
cache.ignore.types = ^video, ^music
logfile = C:\Python27\KublerRpi.log
logfile.verbose = yes
checkupdate = yes
lastrunfile =
orphan.limit.check = yes
nonmedia.filetypes =
watched.overwrite = no
network.mac =
allow.recacheall = yes

# values common to all sections go in here...

# This section name is being called from my KublerRpi.bat on HTPC

# This section reserved for another device when needed
# xbmc.host=[ip address here]

I know that the settings portion above the sections is correct because it works when used directly on the Rpi.
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