[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2016-12-11, 22:12)firewater Wrote: But, right now it's updating all 100 movies.

You'll need to look at why it is updating all 100 - it will be outputting that in the console, or wherever you are redirecting your output.

If all 100 NFOs have been updated (modified) within the last 30 days, then all 100 movies will be removed/refreshed.

Movies may also be refreshed for other reasons regardless of when the NFO is modified - missing posters, missing plots etc. This is all configurable though.

(2016-12-11, 22:12)firewater Wrote: It's also replacing the posters with a thumbnail, despite the poster.jpg existing on the folder of the video (this can be fixed with 'context > information > refresh' but then again the whole point of this is to entirely automate this menu for all movies that need it, so doing this is missing the point).

Can you provide the before and after poster artwork urls for one of your movies that loaded a thumbnail?

Although if a thumbnail is replacing a poster, that's down to the scraper you are using - the script is only telling kodi to remove the movie, then perform a video rescan (library update). Whatever is being scraped in is down to Kodi and the scraper you are using, the script has no involvement in what metadata is created during a library update.

(2016-12-11, 22:12)firewater Wrote: I think doing this would get the result that I'm having right now, when I'd like just a quick near-silent update on only the .nfo that were modified recently.

Yes, that is what it should do, so long as you eliminate the causes of the QA failures for each movie, otherwise those movies that fail QA will be repeatedly removed and rescraped every time you run the qax function.

(2016-12-11, 22:12)firewater Wrote: edit: ok, so I understand this better now. What happened is that, in fact, all of these .nfo had been modified during the last 30 days. I add videos all the time, so resorting to the 30 day time scope is not ideal. I'm gonna retort to 1 and see how that goes (can't try it now since they've all been modified today haha). So what's left to ask is 1. is there any other way I could mark a group of .nfo to be updated other than by reading the modified date? 2. how do I fix the poster issue?

Right. You should start with a shorter qa.refresh.nfo period - "0" would mean "modified since today 00:00", "1" would be "yesterday 00:00" etc.

1. No. Movies (and TV show episodes) fail QA for a number of configurable reasons (defaults being: missing artwork, missing plot, missing mpaa). Movies/Episodes will be removed/rescanned whenever they fail QA
2. I'll need to see the before/after artwork urls (texturecache.py jd movies <somemoviename>). If you had a remote poster, and a local thumbnail, then it's possible the scraper will use the local thumbnail and replace the poster during remove/rescan. However without knowing what you had before, and what you have now, I can't really say what or why the scraper has replaced the poster with a thumbnail.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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