[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2016-12-13, 20:27)Milhouse Wrote: "La Pianiste" doesn't have a poster assigned before the refresh - that's why it failed QA with "missing poster". However the script has identified a suitable local file alongside the movie that could be used if the scraper were able to find it (and apparently it does not).

When you talk about "foldered" movies, do you mean one movie per folder? In which case naming the poster as poster.jpg is correct (and apparently this is working, with no before/after issues).

And your Armour movie, since this isn't "foldered", does this mean it is one of many movies in a single folder? In which case you should be naming the poster Armour-poster.jpg, otherwise all movies in the same folder will have an identical poster (they'll all use the same poster.jpg).

It's not immediately clear why the re-scrape of a many-in-a-folder movie should be different to the original scrape, swapping the originally scraped poster for a thumbnail. It would be interesting to see if the Info page > Refresh button also replaces poster.jpg with a thumbnail for the movie Armour.

However this doesn't look right:
14:17:41 T:2520  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
14:17:41 T:2520   ERROR: CScraperParser::Parse: Could not find scraper function NfoUrl

I don't know which url it's trying to parse, but if it's the artwork url it might explain why it is dropping your posters. If the latest Kodi 17 beta 6 still has this error then I'd suggest reporting this to the scraper maintainer, or open a ticket on trac.kodi.tv.

Sorry, I wasn't clear about that so your analysis doesn't apply for the most part. What I meant with foldered is what I mentioned previously about these movies being foldered Blu-ray/DVDs, so instead of being a single .mkv or .avi file, they're contained in folders like VIDEO_TS, or STREAM + MovieObject.

In what sense does La Pianiste not have a poster assigned? Because it's there as poster.jpg, and it's being displayed before the script runs, so what would be the process for Kodi (or the script) to recognize that this means it does in fact have a poster assigned? I guess it doesn't matter much since it says it's being found, but still.

Info > Refresh replaces the thumbnail image with the correct poster.jpg

The scraper has no support. He didn't even make an individual thread for it... someone asked for a scraper doing this and this other guy made a post about his "Stupid Movie Scraper". He also hasn't connected in a while nor responded when I contacted him on Github once, so my only real chance at fixing this is here. And then again I don't think it's the scraper since the official Kodi "Local information only" scraper has the same problem, and it doesn't have the parse line... this is the log after repeating the process with that one.

At last, I've tried the process with the TMDB scraper, and to my surprise, the posters are kept after refresh. It's too bad I have no use for this scraper for a variety of other reasons, so this is not an option for me. Conclusion? I don't know, but there is something in common about Kodi's default .nfo scraper, and the Stupid Movie Scraper that makes individual movies fail, but "foldered" ones work. If you could find what it is, great, if not... should I make a separate thread here on the forums, or submit it as a bug ticket? How do I even propose this problem... ".nfo scrapers have trouble with bulk refreshing movies?" because I feel like the devs of Kodi are gonna tell me that it's not their problem since the refresh is happening with an external script and that Kodi has no feature for bulk refreshing...

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