[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2017-04-04, 01:55)Milhouse Wrote: IANAL but often there is conflict between GPLv2 and GPLv3. However, #2 would be OK with me.
Realistically, I just need KODI to display the updated .nfo information after it has been changed. I think it'd be best if I simply instructed the users of my software to install your software as a prerequisite, and then add a line of code like
os.system(python texturecache.py ........)
This will simply execute your software after the .nfo file has been updated. 1) Would that be compliant with the license? Thanks for taking the time to help me sort this out.

My software adds an empty video file as a sort of "Coming Soon..." holder file. There are generally 3 files: an empty .avi video file, a poster file, and a .nfo file with "Coming Soon - " placed before the title in the <title> block.
.../Official Event Name 100: Awesomeness/event name 100.avi
.../Official Event Name 100: Awesomeness/event name 100.nfo
.../Official Event Name 100: Awesomeness/event name 100.jpg

The .avi file is deleted and replaced by a .mp4/.mkv file of a similar but different name (matching its parent directory), and the .nfo and .jpg files get renamed to match the new .mp4/.mkv file. The "Coming Soon... " is removed in the <title> block inside the .nfo. I think running something like
python texturecache.py qax movies @qaperiod=-1 @qa.nfo.refresh=1

would work with '@qa.nfo.refresh=1' just in case the software modifies the .nfo at [23:59:59] and the texturecache is called as [00:00:00]
If no other .nfo files have been modified in since midnight the day before, only that video metadata is re-scraped. 2) Is that correct?

The reason I'm asking is because I tested something similar over the last two days, and I'm not sure if the results I am getting are the expected behavior. I added a sample video named '1234.mp4' to my library two days ago and at that time created 1234.nfo file containing
    <title>Coming Soon... Test Movie</title>

The video title displayed in KODI correctly as 'Coming Soon... Test Movie'. Yesterday morning [2017-04-03 11:15:15] I edited the .nfo by removing "Coming Soon... ".
Just now at [2017-04-04 00:35:42], I ran
python texturecache.py qax movies @qaperiod=-1 @qa.nfo.refresh=0
The movie title was renamed in KODI. I was expecting this file to be ignored because the .nfo was modified before midnight today 3)Is that the expected behavior?

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