[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2017-09-20, 18:43)Bmn2016 Wrote: Hi,

I've found out that when using the script with the "R" option, my "Bookmarks" I've created (which are set when you use the "create bookmark" function while a video is playing and stored in "...userdata/thumbnails/video/bookmarks") are always removed!!!

That's not surprising, as the "Bookmarks" are stored in the bookmark table of the "MyVideos*" database, and not in the "Textures13.db" file which the script is investigating when using the "R" option.

So here are my suggestions for modifying the "R" option behaviour:

1. Ignore the "Bookmark" files that are stored in "...userdata/thumbnails/video/bookmarks" to prevent being deleted because of a lacking reference in the "Textures13.db" file
- or -
2. Find and delete only the "orphaned" "Bookmark" files that are stored in "...userdata/thumbnails/video/bookmarks" which have no reference in the "MyVideos*" database

Thank you in advance!

(2017-09-20, 19:13)Milhouse Wrote: Yeah... I think I'll just ignore the contents of the Bookmarks folder for now. I'll make the change when I can.


Maybe I got another idea for a "work-around":

I'm using a MySQL database on a NAS. Is it possible to "move" the usage of the folder "bookmarks" to my NAS via path substitution? (I don't intend to "move" the whole "Thumbnail" folder, as I know that could cause many problems; I'm thinking only about "moving" the "Bookmarks" subfolder in "...userdata/thumbnails/video/")

1. Would your script delete them from the shared folder on the NAS, too, when using the "R" option?

2. Besides that, I'm hoping that would at least bring the benefit of sharing the images linked with the created bookmarks... I find it very annoying that when I use the "create bookmark" function on a KODI machine, the image of the bookmark is only visible on that machine, but not on my other KODI devices (of course I can see the time stamps of the "Bookmarks" on the other devices, too, but not the linked images, because they only exist on the first machine).

What do you think?

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