[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2018-03-04, 00:59)Milhouse Wrote:
(2018-03-03, 23:43)D-m-x Wrote: 1) When setting the Script on the Scraper, does it make sense to actually add an Option for it to run pre caching on itself? My guess would be no, because the Artwork is downloaded via Artwork Beef. I would just use Option R here to delete orphaned files.
2) My idea is to Cache the Non Scraper + delete orphaned files remotely with Sections for movies and shows, am I right that Option c and R are the ones here to use? Can I do it in one statement with Movies and Shows or are 2 statemens necessary?
3) I'd like to run it at Night, does the actual Source need to be on? To explain, I have my Files on Shares which are off at night/not accessable. Artworks are on the PI and not stored with the Files.

Thank you Smile

1) If you were only using the standard scrapers then my answer would be not really, as the scrapers should cache the artwork they scrape. However if you are using an addon such as Artwork Beef to acquire additional artwork then this may or may not cache the artwork it assigns to movies.
2) Orpaned ("R") is one of the few options that require direct file system access, and so doesn't work remotely - you would need to mount the remote filesystem, or copy the script to the client and then run it on the client (the latter is relatively easy to achieve using scp and ssh)
3) The artwork files will need to be accessible (and able to be read), the movies will not. 
Got it, thank you, you've been very helpful Smile
Seems easy to set up now.

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