[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2018-03-02, 19:50)Milhouse Wrote: To backup your watched movie and tvshow status:
./texturecache.py watched movies backup /tmp/movies.dat
./texturecache.py watched tvshows backup /tmp/tvshows.dat

To restore your watched movie and tvshow status:
./texturecache.py watched movies restore /tmp/movies.dat
./texturecache.py watched tvshows restore /tmp/tvshows.dat

Edit: Obviously, make sure you don't lose the /tmp/movies.dat and /tmp/tvshows.dat files - where you create them is up to you. 
Thanks for that, I tried the export and looked through the file, and I can see a discrepancy with whats actually in the DB which is interesting, so I will be doing the watched export, removing the DB and start source imports again, then re-apply the watched items hopefully that cleans it up.  as I have a a few shows, where in "hide watched shows" its showing the show, with all titles available, but when go into show, nothing is there as they are correctly flagged...
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