[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2018-03-30, 07:30)Milhouse Wrote:
(2018-03-30, 01:16)sniferx1 Wrote: How can I your your tool and refech the Thumbs? Also anyway to use your tool and perform full lib refresh in this case?

The script is only caching what is in your media library.

Run texturecache.py jd movies Throwaways and paste the result.   
As below
{    "art":{     
"banner": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/banner.jpg/",      
"clearlogo": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/logo.png/",      
"discart": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/disc.png/",      
"fanart": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/fanart.jpg/",      
"fanart1": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/extrafanart/fanart3.jpg/",      
"fanart2": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/extrafanart/fanart4.jpg/",      
"fanart3": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/extrafanart/tl4PVCR531NWngjA7UE4GkEwRSm.jpg/",      
"fanart4": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/extrafanart/wOsMynjVixipUR9yvcnjzG0jJKJ.jpg/",      
"landscape": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/landscape.jpg/",      
"poster": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/poster.jpg/",      
"thumb": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/extrathumbs/thumb1.jpg/",      
"thumb1": "image://nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015/extrathumbs/thumb2.jpg/"    },    
"file": "nfs://192.168.1.xxx/volume1/Movie_Belly/Movies 1970 to 2012/The.Throwaways.2015.DVDRip/The.Throwaways.2015.DVDRip.avi",    
"label": "The Throwaways",    
"movieid": 3911,    
"title": "The Throwaways"  }]]

These Thumbs are in the "extrathums" folder and I have deleted it and also did execute the "P". However when I did "c" these Extra Thumbs are getting cache again even that folder not in the source Movies path.

All I need a way is to remove these "Extrathums" ref from the the local cache DB.

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