[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2019-09-06, 19:48)Milhouse Wrote:
(2019-09-06, 11:59)thecubasekid Wrote: texturecahce.py X returns thousands of results - do i misunderstand the commands or is something amiss? (note i am using kodi 18.3)

From the help:

X Same as "x" (extract) but will validate cachedurl file exists, displaying only those that fail validation
Xd Same as "x" (extract) but will DELETE those rows for which no cachedurl file exists

The "validation" being performed is a check that the referenced file (from the Textures13.db database) also exists in the Thumbnails folder. If the row from the database is being listed then the file doesn't exist, or is not accessible. If thousands of rows are being unexpectedly listed then it would be best NOT to run Xd until you've got to the bottom of the problem!

If you're using path substitution for the Thumbnails folder then that could be the problem. Otherwise I've no idea without a kodi.log and texturecache log (@logfile=tc.log). 
thanks Millhouse

i understood the commands then, I'm not using any sort of path substitution. This is a straight forward Kodi install oto android xtreme custom rom from xda forums on a M8 II box with MySQL DB running on a windows PC. I run texturecache from same Windows PC that hosts MySQL. Guess i need to dig a little deeper, also thanks for the advice about setting log on texturecache, for the Kodi log, would simply turning on debug be enough to capture what is needed?

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