[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2019-10-25, 01:30)Milhouse Wrote:
(2019-10-21, 12:15)rainman74 Wrote:
(2019-10-19, 07:18)Milhouse Wrote: Sorry for taking so long to reply. I've just downloaded your log.zip, but it looks like you've reformatted it (pretty printed the JSON data) which has kind of made it a bit useless to me as I need it in the original raw format - the texturecache.py script has a @replayfile option which takes the log file as input and allows me to reproduce and debug your data as though it were my data (assuming the log hasn't been tampered with...).

Any chance you can run the command again, and upload the unmodified log file?

ok, here it is ... link 

Sorry for the delay (again) - been really busy. Sad

OK, I've figured out why your log looks the way it does - you've configured:

in your Kodi advancedsettings.xml, which means the JSON responses from Kodi are being written to the log in a "pretty" format that I can't currently parse (and replay).

Can you disable this compactoutput setting in your as.xml (or set it to true), restart kodi, reproduce the issue and then re-upload your log (for a third time - sorry!)

Maybe one day I'll store the responses from Kodi with all tabs and newlines stripped so that this as.xml setting doesn't cause a problem, but I'm not likely to get around to it for a while.  
That's no problem at all! Okay, I'll do that. But it will take a little longer, because in desperation I deleted my whole library & textures db and have it scrapened and cached again. This will take a little longer, because the scraping over SMB is hellish slow...

But maybe in the meantime you can tell me why I get this error message when caching music videos:
Traceback (most recent call last):0, multi thread 2288
  File "texturecache.py", line 8643, in <modules>
  File "texturecache.py", line 8448, in main
    extraFields=_extraFields, query=_query, drop_items=_drop_items)
  File "texturecache.py", line 4668, in jsonQuery
    cacheImages(mediatype, jcomms, database, data, title_name, id_name, force, nodownload, drop_items)
  File "texturecache.py", line 4834, in cacheImages
    tCount = gConfig.DOWNLOAD_THREADS["download.threads.%s" % mediatype]
KeyError: 'download.threads.musicvideos'

In texturecache.cfg I use:
download.threads = 4

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