Frodo Audio Problems....More of them !
HI Guys

Just updated to latest XBMC and have audio drop outs constantly.

I have searched these boards tried adjusting settings infinitely and following the guides given yet regardless of which permutations of options I select (either windows vista or XBMC) I get a constant yet intermittent audio drop out for a second or two.

I really love the new XBMC (big shout to the devs) yet the audio issues are making this un-usable, so thought I would post up before I roll back.

I run the video to my monitor over vga and the sound via spdif from the mobo to my Sony DAVSC5 amp. With the previous XBMC install I had the amp do the processing and just direct out the sound without the HTPC playing with it.

What I noticed was 2 sound devices in Device Manager one with Microsoft drivers and one with the correct ones from the on-board sound from the MOBO. As a trial I have disabled the one with Microsoft drivers ( a few threads suggested this as a possible issue) yet it makes no difference to the sound drop outs.

I have Paste Binned 2 logs one with the MS device disabled and one without. I do not understand these logs so am really looking fir guidance here??

Thanks in advance

Both Dev Mgr Devices Active

MS Device Driver Diabled
Well an update, so far I have tried the following with no success from either !

Re-install Frodo
Re-install Realtek drivers
Load latest Realtek drivers
Remove Realtek drivers
Roll Back to Eden
Roll Back to 10.1

I am really at a loss with this now. The audio and video files all play faultlessly with WMP or any FLV player yet as soon as I introduce XBMC (regardless or version) I get the sporadic audio drop out (1-2 sec each time).

I did note that in Device Manager I have the Realtek listed under Sound and also another HD Audio source which has microsoft drivers. If I disabled the one with ms drivers I get no audio and indeed the no audio device warning when playing movies.

Whatever I do the Realtek graphic of the room with speakers which should play a test tome will not work.

I have an Asrock MB ( FM2A85X Extreme4-M ) with on board sound and I need to use the SPDIF for my av amp, any thoughts ??

Audio - 7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec)
- Premium Blu-ray audio support
- Supports THX TruStudio
FIXED !! And humble pie to Dev's !

Well it seems the audio drop out was an issue with Vista and not XBMC.....sorry

I reinstalled Vista (from my OEM Disk) and tried audio tracks which all played fine, not a single drop out. Then ran Windows update which drew down 114 updates of which there was Sp1 and SP2 and I installed them all fine.

Tested same mp3 audio track as per 1st test and drop outs had returned. Installed 12.1 then 11 then 10 XBMC and still same symptoms.

So I reinstalled Vista again and manually downloaded SP1 only (see below). I re-tested the same mp3 and no drop outs, then 12.1 and all is well. It must be something with either SP2 or one of the other updates that was causing the audio drop outs. I don't have the time or inclination to work out which it was and why...I'm up and running again.

What I noticed with this 12.1 install was that the audio properties had automatically detected and selected (in both entries) SPDIF as my audio where as previously I had to select SPDIF as my options. I tried to change these to WASPI and there was a constant audio stutter until I deselected - not a big issue to me.

Selecting SPDIF as the 1st entry on the screen didn't work so I selected analogue and all is fine.

I am not a purist I merely use XBMC as a system for the family to use (including kids .... a 3 year old as the youngest user) so if DTS isn't always working for the odd film it's no big deal as long as there is audio and video it's fine. I say this to avoid any audiophile comments about this set up - it does what we need so it works for us. Same for only using SP1, the machine is a family media center and that only, in fact I am the only one ever to use this to go online so the only other use is a media center so it works for me.

12.1 is fantastic, really enjoying playing with it to get my ultimate set up.

Off topic but once I achieve this I would lile to back up my XBMC settings, is there an easy yet good way of doing this?
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