A few issues with my new Frodo install...
(2013-03-27, 04:19)dkplayaclub Wrote: I do have all info stored in .nfo files. Never had this issue in eden. Don't think a debug log would make much of a difference if it's not causing any error in XBMC right?

Just took a moment to look at the .nfo files for several episodes and there is nothing there that points to HD content so i can be pretty sure it's not the .nfo files. Also, I just realized that not a single file that is not HD has a HD flag, only the listings for the shows and seasons. Also checked the .nfo files associated with those and saw nothing wrong.
The wiki states that the HD/SD info is not obtained from scraping (whether it be nfo or online) but from examining the file itself.

So for a season that has an HD flag, are ANY of the episodes HD?
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