"Crop black Bars" + DXVA

I searched around and found no post in this issue:: crop black bars function + dxva will render me a weird line on right/bottom of video most times.

This seems to not happen to other rendering methods thou.

Using windows 7, xbmc 2.1, Ati Radeon HD 4770 (catalyst 12.6).

Anyone knows a work around for this or is it a known bug or something I should propperlly report on bug tracker? (I tried locating this but found nothing in it, I'm not sure if its really not reported or if my newbiness prevents me from doing a good search :3)

Some images of the line:


Here's a thread discussing this topic http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=108692 (google search XBMC Crop Black Bars) but in short cropping black bars is implemented in software, (it doesn't handle massive stretches either, settable as a %) if you have DXVA hardware rendering, then the graphic card handles the rendering to screen and XBMC doesn't interfere.
I'm sorry but that thread is very... old.

The situation in the thread is no longer, XBMC 12.1 can do the Crop Black Bars with DXVA.

Actually... if I do get a line at the right of the picture when XBMC does Crop with DXVA it already means the crop is now supported, and that I'm having a error when it is done.

I'm sorry but I feel sort of sad as I posted looking forward in getting some help with the problem... and well, the first reply I get seems to be from someone that only read the title and googled it, without further reading the description of the error or even acknowledging what was in both threads, this and the above linked one.

I already googled 'xbmc dxva "crop black bars"', 'xbmc black bars', 'xbmc zoom dxva', and performed similar searches inside the forum and the bug tracker. And all the results I managed to find are, just as the linked one, threads from a period where crop black bars was not supported along with dxva. Wich doesn't seem the case for sometime.
I was just responding to your call "Anyone knows a work around for this or is it a known bug or something" and nothing was posted... and the statement "or if my newbiness prevents me from doing a good search :3)" I simply suggested what you clearly already knew that a Google search is fairly comprehensive. (from the first message this wasn't clear).

I went to the effort of finding a video that had side black bars....(before I posted) with DXVA on the crop black bars had no effect, with software rendering it worked as expected and the black bars were hidden. I do remember someone in a thread in the past chiming in that it only worked with software rendering, if that's been fixed; then it's not fixed for me either, so perhaps you should submit a ticket. While it's true I may have jumped into this one without a lot of fore thought, I guess I missed the memo on "XBMC 12.1 can do the Crop Black Bars with DXVA" which is kinda new to me, for I've never had success with hardware rendering and 'Crop Black Bars'.

This message doesn't preclude anyone else from putting forth a solution or an idea, so the statement 'the first reply I get seems to be from someone that only read the title and googled it" seems to suggest that only one individual at a time can answer, or that my message somehow diminished your point of view. This is a forum in which we all try to help each other and take a bit of the effort of those who give us XBMC and all the rest, so you can do your bit by posting a ticket.
Firstly sorry if I sounded rude and a question that got me curious:
Using nvidia or ati or intel? In windows? xbmc 12.1?
ati HD 5770 (catalyst 12.6) win7/64 XBMC 12.1 skin T!
Just to update this, fiddling around with manual Zoom I noticed my error comes from some sortta calculation error. Basicly some zoom amounts will render me the weird line on right/bottom, some don't.

Writing down some values seems that anything up to -1.33 is alright, then I start getting the line with: -1.34, -1.35, -1.37, -1.38, -1.39, -1.40, -1.42, -1.43, -1.44....

Patk, since u don't get auocrop to work, does manual Zooming works with Dxva there?
Manual Zooming works.... Using the movie 8½ (1963) which has an odd format with a little black on all sides, I was able to use crop black borders while using DXVA although the image expansion was rough... Using software render, the expansion was quite smooth (this might be related to the gfx card drivers).

Have you checked on this http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Set...alibration...
The Problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
Do you understand?
funny, I get realllly smooth zoom transitions here ( https://plus.google.com/u/0/stream#10038...6AA1Z97f3w ).
I am almost definitely sure the rendering problem with some zoom ratios is a driver error. HD 6570 here and if I have all post processing options in CCC disabled then the problem is gone. If I enable edge enhancement, the artifacts are back. I think the driver does not handle some width/height combinations gracefully.

Its edge enhancement that causes it =D

pitty that this is the main reason i use dxva Big Grin lol

now let me pray ati may solve this someday :3 (let's face it, usin ati dxva since forever i doubt it)

Thanks =D=D=D

I Just REALLY wanted to find out the cause of this Smile


testing settings if I have the edge enhancement AND dynamic contrast the error does not happen... so its an ati bug for real. meh #die ati die#

Thanks all again

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