SMB server + Windows 7 + MacBook mountain Lion + UPnP
I'm trying to set-up the following:
  • Media stored on CentOS server, sharing using SMB.
  • Windows 7 PC running XBMC 12.2 accesses media through SMB and shares the library through UPnP.
  • Macbook Pro, MacOS Mountain Lion running XBMC 12.2 accesses the library through UPnP.

I've been happily using XBMC on a single Windows PC and a Linux Samba server for years already, but now I would like to add additional PC's. I figured that rather then using MySQL I would use UPnP, to avoid any issues with conflicting versions, etc.

However, when I set this up, the MacBook can easily access the library and see all movies but when I try to play anything I get an error saying it can't play or simply nothing happens. When I checked the log, I found the following error:

11:20:45 T:140735134224768  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: smb://
11:20:45 T:140735134224768 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
11:20:45 T:4623249408  NOTICE: Thread CDVDPlayer start, auto delete: false
11:20:45 T:4623249408  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
11:20:45 T:4623249408   ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [smb://]
11:20:45 T:4623249408  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
11:20:45 T:4623249408  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream
11:20:45 T:140735134224768   ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [upnp://0c0883c1-fea0-c943-4567-defc5c8c375a/videodb%3a%2f%2f1%2f2%2f1/]

As far as I can see, the URL is correct, I can use the same IP and share name when accessing the same file outside XBMC without any problem.
Need full debug log with debugging enabled. See debug log (wiki).

I can see how this helps, the exact error appears to be: unix_err:'d' error : 'Permission denied'

I'm guessing that for whatever reason the XBMC UPnP server hasn't transferred the credentials for the SMB share? Is there a solution or workaround for this?
Okay, so I found a workaround by changing smb://server/share/file to smb://user:[email protected]/share/file in the DB, now I can play video files on the Macbook.

However, now I've somehow lost the Info option on all movies and TV shows, any ideas how to fix this? Or should I use a different work around?

Debug logs:
Re-adding the video library using smb://username:[email protected]/share/ didn't resolve the problem, it appears that for the individual entries, the username and password is not saved, so I'm back to square one: the Macbook can't access the files (Permission denied again the debug logs)
You've likely stumbled onto something we haven't caught before. XBMC will strip out usernames and passwords and store them in a separate file in the userdata (wiki) folder called passwords.xml, which makes your password a little more safe and prevents it from showing up in logs, etc. Normally, when XBMC shares via UPnP it will either do one of two things, route the video file through the UPnP host XBMC, or just send a URL to the other XBMC. I'm guessing that it's sending the SMB URL to the other XBMC, but without the username/password, rather than streaming the file through the host XBMC.

I know in MySQL setups this same thing happens and people can get around it by coping the passwords.xml file to the other computer, but I don't know if that will also work with UPnP, but it might be worth a shot. Till then, looks like you've discovered a new bug :)
Thanks, that confirms the same idea I was getting. In the mean time I have added the same fileshare manually on the Macbook side as a video source (which probably stored the username and password) and that resolved the access problem. Even now that I removed that source the UPnP still works.

That leaves me with just one problem, I've removed and re-added all movies back to the Windows XBMC side (troubleshooting steps), so the paths for the files are back the way XBMC saves them natively and playback now works flawlessly, but I'm still unable to access the 'Info' screen for any of the movies on the Macbook (client) side. The art work appears correctly. but the I key is ignored and the option is not in the context menu. There is no problem on the Windows (server) side.

Here are some more debug logs:

Btw, I had a look in Trac and didn't see any existing bug report, but I also didn't have access to create on. (or to register)
Make sure whatever scraper you used on the "server" XBMC is also installed on the Mac. For some reason the info button won't work if the same scraper isn't installed, even if that computer won't be doing any updates or scraping.

For making Trac tickets, you just use your forum username and password.

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SMB server + Windows 7 + MacBook mountain Lion + UPnP0
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