Bug XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home) takes me to Music?
The other day I bought a Raspberry Pi and put OpenELEC (Version: 3.0.5, running XBMC 12.2) on my SD card. So far it works perfectly.

I've got a generic USB MCE remote that shows up in irw as devinput. Right now I'm trying to map the big green "Windows" button (which is called KEY_MEDIA and presently does nothing in XBMC) so I can jump straight back to the home screen.

I SFTP'd into the RPi and downloaded the Lircmap.xml and keyboard.xml from within /usr/share/xbmc/system so I could ensure I wasn't doing something wrong while editing. This is my edited code in Lircmap.xml


And in keyboard.xml, I've edited the global section, and set yellow to do this:


I SFTP'd the files back, rebooted OpenELEC / XBMC, and now when I press the green home button, it takes me to the Music menu instead (as if I had gone home and entered into the "Music" menu)

Thinking I was doing something wrong, I installed the Commands addon and created a new set of commands that goes home and stops the playing video. When I press the home button, the media stops, but I still go back to the Music menu. This also happens if I change Lircmap.xml to

I don't know if this is an OpenELEC specific issue, but perhaps someone else can offer some insight?
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XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home) takes me to Music?00