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(2013-12-26, 23:04)kzeleny Wrote:
(2013-12-26, 22:53)wgstarks Wrote:
(2013-12-26, 19:11)kzeleny Wrote: Looking at the Debug log it looks like the YouTube addon is crashing. Random Trailers just tells xbmc to play the trailer, the you tube addon does the actual playing.

Does this happen with every trailer?

Yes, as far as I can tell. I'm really just getting started testing. The crashes seem to be happening every time the screensaver launches. Only when set to Random Trailers. If I configure for trailers in a local folder will that limit playback to local files only (no YouTube)?

Yes if you configure it for local file it will only play trailers in a specific folder, it will not play trailers from your library.

I am running windows and only have that OS available to test on. I know they may allot of changes to support new osx.

I could put in a few debug statements in the script to determine exactly where it is crashing.

Also did it work in XBMC 12.2?

Updated to latest nightly of Gotham and that seems to have stopped the crashes. Random Trailers works fine when I configure to use local folder. I get a huge number of YouTube script failures if I disable the local folder. Something like 9 out of 10 will fail, maybe worse. Is this normal? Here's a new debug log.
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