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I guess you're right, no I usually don't try to run it manually... The log I sent you was all automatic sync on XBMC startup...
Would there be any way for me to slow down the sync so it does not run into that problem?
Maybe some kind of timeout logic would be a good idea like: Run into error -> Wait for 1 minute -> try again (max. 3-5 retries then error). What do you think?

About the double running: I guess, if it really runs twice it would be best to stop it from doing that. That could namely be the cause for the sync errors.
At some point I read an error in the log, something like "already exists"... Maybe the script at some point tried to create the same entry twice at the same time...
Also it may create double the load on the server and makes it run into error faster...
Do you have any idea how to stop it from running twice?

Thanks for the help!

Greetz, Unr3aL67

EDIT: The script creates ' as \' so "Ocean's Eleven" is created and displayed as "Ocean\'s Eleven", I can manually edit those entries but for the plot field that could be a lot of work.
Is that a bug or is something wrong with my charset? If it's just a minor bug, is there an easy way to fix this?
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