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I want to protect my movielib with .htaccess - so I will have a two-factor-auth.

# Auth protect my_movielib
  AuthName "movielib"
  AuthType Basic
  AuthUserFile /var/www/html/movielib/.htpasswd
  Require valid-user
# ------------------------------

But when I added this code to .htaccess the movielib-addon can not connect to synch.php. The Log tell me:
Quote:20:22:58 T:4596 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< Can't connect to:
20:22:58 T:4596 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [REQUEST ERROR]: HTTP Error 401: Authorization Required
20:22:58 T:4596 NOTICE: >>>> Movielib <<<< [REQUEST]: Wait 5 secs and retring 1
20:23:06 T:4508 NOTICE: [service.sleepy.watchdog] user activity detected, reset idle time
20:23:11 T:6692 ERROR: CPythonInvoker(7, C:\Users\nepomuk\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.movielib\ script didn't stop in 5 seconds - let's kill it
Is there a way, maybe to insert in the addon the authUser and authPassword? Or is there a other way?

At 20:22:58 your addon want to wait 5sec and then retry. How much is the retry-counter? Attention no second retry after 5 secs.
At 20:23:11 Kodi kill the script movielib. Kodi kills it after 13secs.
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