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Hey Regss,

had quite a bit of trouble today to get MovieLib running on my system Smile
In the end I forked the PHP script on Github and changed a lot of code - I'm running PHP7 on my webserver and mysql functions are not only deprecated but entirely gone in the current iteration of PHP.
Surely I have missed quite a lot of problematic code occurences but at least the webinterface is running now!
I might refactor those changes into a pull request someday if you're interested - mysqli is part of PHP since version 5 and should be a plug-and-play replacement for most of the users.

Another problem I encountered: 'POST_MAX_SIZE' on current PHP versions (>=PHP5) can actually be set to 0, meaning no limit on POST size.
The kodi addon however interprets this as no POST possible (due to any request being greater than 0 bytes). Might need another safety check there.

Something else which came to my attention:
the debug function in was not working for me, apparently the syntax needed a change (I'm on Krypton though, not sure if that's the reason for it):
xbmc.log(msg='>>>> Movielib <<<< ' + msg, level=xbmc.LOGDEBUG

I'll see how things work out the next days, synching at least started for now Smile
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