Albums only play at random
Hello, I browse my albums and hit "q" to queue them. The issue is that they won't play those albums in order. Each album is randomly played in the queue. So for example, track 5, then 2, then 4, then 11 plays, etc.

Why is it doing this? I want to listen straight through my albums and then have it go to the next album. As it is now, the first album is all random, then it goes to the second album and it's all in random order too, then the third album plays and it's all random.

While playing music, check the slideout menu on the left to be sure you don't have random playback enabled. It's the right-most button under the "Playing" section and looks like a stunted DNA strand.
So I'm using the confluence skin. After pressing Q, I press space bar to see the now playing's all random. If I hit left arrow, it brings up a bunch of options, shuffle is not checked. As for the slideout menu when playing, I do see that button, but what do I do then? How do I know if it signifies that random is enabled or not?
Ok, i figured it out. When viewing the songs of an album, the sort by must be track. If you queue an album, it will order according to whatever the sort by is. I had it previously set to sort by name and since my albums are all named with the track number first, it looked fine, but somehow it messed up when queueing.

Works great now.


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Albums only play at random0
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