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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
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PseudoTV Live is ONLY available through my repository, all third party installer are unsupported!
Please remember PTVL is designed to work with the latest "Stable Release" of Kodi. Beta's, nightlies and custom builds are not supported.



Follow @PseudoTV_Live for exclusive updates, tips and information...

Guides, Tutorials and Miscellaneous Documents and Tools:


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  • Donations* for this addon gratefully accepted. To receive your login information please email [email protected] with the subject: Donation and include the date and email of donation. Please wait 7-10 business days, Thank You. Please Visit for details. Do Not! Post in the forum regarding donations and thank you gifts they are voluntary*.
    *Donations do not obligate me to provide a service. This isn't a membership, service or subscription, if you donate, it should be considered as such a "Donation" with no perceived obligations on my part. Your login is a thank you gift, do not confuse it as purchase or goods owed to you.

Recommended plugins for autotuning & channel building:

Recommended for enhanced interface:

Key Features:
  • [✓] Emby, Plex, Serviio and UPNP Support.
    [½] Online Channel configurations, Custom Skin's and Community lists, integration.
    [✓] Full Kodi integration including Context Menu and Artwork.
    [✓] Overlay Sidebar ("On Now") Skinnable quick menu.
    [✓] "Coming Up Next" Skinable Overlay.
    [ ] Enhanced EPG icon flags (rec, new, sickbeard, couchpotato, HD, PG rating).
    [✓] Dynamic artwork for EPG and Overlay.
    [✓] Enhanced Guide Data: "Find Missing Art/Info" using TVDB, TMDB, Fanart.TV
    [✓] Donor Extras - BCT media, PseudoCinema Experience
    [✓] Skin Selector [Temporary Disabled]
    [½] Music Channels.
    [✓] Music Video Channels with Internet Streaming features.
    [✓] EZ channel configuration ("Autotuning").
    [✓] EZ in-app channel configuration
    [✓] Ability to add channels via Kodi favourites list.
    [✓] Hdhomerun Support (Dual/Prime/Extend).
    [✓] USTVnow w/ EPG data.
    [✓] Automatic Bumpers, Commercials, and Trailers w/ Online support ("BCT's").
    [✓] Youtube/RSS Channel types
    [✓] TVDB/TMDB/IMDB/Fanart.TV Integration w/ trakt support
    [½] Sonarr/ Sickbeard / Couchpotato Integration.
    [✓] Error handling (dead link) filter.
    [✓] EPG Color Categories
    [✓] Autostart Service *core created by Steveb1968
    [✓] Channel Manager Tool (Windows Only)
    [ ] Android Companion Tool
    [ ] PVR (Recording Feature)
    [ ] Virtual Movie Poster (Showtime) Integration.
    [½] Kodi web interface w/EPG, Channel editor, Remote Control.
    [✓] Direct Plugin directory channel building (ie. Mylibrary method without the need to build strms).
    [✓] Direct Playon channel building (Requires Playon Software).
    [✓] Direct UPNP channel building.
    [✓] Direct Plugin channel building.
    [✓] Kodi PVR Backend channel building w/epg data
    [✓] Classic Coming Up Next dialog artwork.
    [½] Vevo Music Video Channel w/ EPG Information
    [✓] Settop Box mode, 24/7 Operation w/ self updating channels.
    [✓] Multiroom Video Mirroring.
    [✓] Multiroom Channel sharing.
    [ ] EPG Guide data from Schedules Direct and zap2it.

    ✓ = Added to master
    ½ = Added to master, but may not be functional.

Topic Rules:
  • I encourage everyone, novice to expert to share information and ideas on how to improve this plugin. You are free to contribute as you see fit... Share your skins, etc... But please respect a few rules.

    1. PLEASE READ POSTS BEFORE POSTING, I will update the post to keep information relevant.

    2. Do not post illegal internet feeds, or related plugins banned from Kodi's forum.

    3. Before posting, try using the search tool to find your answer. Please do not abuse private messaging, the proper way to ask for help is through the forum.

    4. Report all bugs with as much detail as possible, accompanied by a link to your log. Please do not post Incomplete or snippets of your log. If you have privacy concerns you can PM me your log.

    In Order to post logs, you need to enable both Debugging in Kodi and in PTVL (under Misc settings). Skin issues are not considered a bug, so no log is necessary. If you can include a link to a screenshot it would be appreciated.

    5. Follow Kodi's code of conduct.

Special Thanks to:
jason102, angrycamel, jtucker1972, ARYEZ, peppy6582, earlieb, Steveb1968, kurumushi, twinther, LordIndy, ronie, mcorcoran, sphere, giftie, spoyser, Eldorados, lambda, kickin, bradvido88, Phil65, RagnaroktA

Forgive grammatical mistakes and typo's this was written quickly and I have a lot of information to get out there... I will edit as i go!
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