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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Supported Devices and Services*:


*The devices and services listed above serve to advise compatibility. Links are not here to solicit hardware or services, but merely to acknowledge that either custom code or personal attention has been made to ensure compatibility and function with the aforementioned links .PseudoTV Live works regardless of the above devices or services.

Migration info:
  • If you already have pseudotv installed:
    This version is independent from the original Pseudotv; this will help facilitate the transition between copies. Now you can experiment with this plugin and see if its for you, without any worry. Your userdata (ie cache,playlists,settings.xml,settings2.xml) are all compatible... but outdated. Copy this data over to userdata/ and be sure to check the settings before running.

    If you are new to pseudotv:
    Install, check settings, then run... pseudotv live will automatically build a few channels including some InternetTV channels; see “Autotune” above...
    All configurations should be either manual or through Pseudotv's channel manager...

Recommended Kodi Changes!
Disable Play Next Automatically under XBMC Video and Music Settings
Add "pvr://" and "upnp://" as a Kodi video source.
  • Edit your advancedsettings.xml, add the following:
            <curlclienttimeout>15</curlclienttimeout>  <!-- Timeout in seconds for libcurl (http/ftp) connections -->
            <curllowspeedtime>5</curllowspeedtime>  <!-- Time in seconds for libcurl to consider a connection lowspeed -->
            <cachemembuffersize>0</cachemembuffersize>  <!-- number of bytes used for buffering streams ahead in memory
            XBMC will not buffer ahead more than this. WARNING: for the bytes set here, XBMC will consume 3x the amount of RAM -->

If you are running Kodi on windows? Download this I/O Cache tool and set to "Multimedia".

ATTENTION: If you are running Kodi 15... it's recommended you individually add "pvr://" and "upnp://" as a video source in kodi.

New to PseudoTV?:
  • If you are new to PseudoTV, take the time to read through the forum... try to familiarize yourself with the terms, settings and basic concept of this plugin.
    Before running PseudoTV Live remember to setup and configure any plugins that require additional configurations(ie. USTVnow, etc).

Brief XMLTV Tutorial:

What is XMLTV? XMLTV is a very popular XML based file format for describing TV listings. see XMLTVFormat

How do I get an XMLTV File? there are several ways, I will list two possible ways:

Free: If you want to build a xmltv file for free with very basic info try MC2XML or ZAP2XML

Pay: If you want a more detailed TV listing try Schedules Direct

I suggest you build your XMLTV file with only a few channels, and no more then 3 days data (follow the guidelines listed in the grabbers you have chosen).

*If you build a XMLTV file over 2mb the plugin will take longer to load (smaller file = quicker load times; so chose wisely when building your xmltv file, you don't need info for channels you don't have nor do you need to list more then a week at a time!)

XMLTV must use default encoding format "UTF-8" do not enable "ISO-8859-1"

Please visit XMLTV for more info...

Example XMLTV configurations that work with PseudoTV Live

zap2xml.exe -u [email protected] -p PASSWORD -o xmltv.xml -i icons -U -I -T -D -A -d 3
mc2xml.exe -a -f -A -L -s -5 -d 72 -g ZIPCODE -U -D xmltv.dat -o xmltv.xml

Bumpers, Commercials and Trailers (BCT's):
If Auto is enabled for BCT's: PTVL will add one bumper and automatically fill commercials and trailers in order to stay under the "hide short clip" value.

Bumpers are short videos TV stations play between shows. If not auto, select your bumper folder and the amount of bumpers you would like between each show. Organize bumpers by channel name, e.g.
  • Code:

(C )ommercials:
Commercials are any short video advertisement or promo. Options include:
  • Local folder, Select your folder and If not auto, select the amount of Commercials you would like between each show.

    Internet (Donor Exclusive) , Parses various website for commercials filtered by region and resolution. Configure: (Region, All), select preferred resolution.
    Available regions include.

    Youtube, Similar to a YouTube chtype. Channels, Playlists, and User Subscriptions are available. Configure: (Name,Type,Limit), example below.


  • Local folder, Select Trailers Folder, If not auto, select the amount of Trailers you would like between each show.

    XBMC Library, aka json parse your xbmc library for trailer urls. Option to match genre trailers to genre channel.

    Internet (Donor Exclusive) , Parses various website for trailers filtered by resolution.

    Youtube, Similar to a YouTube chtype. Channels, Playlists, and User Subscriptions are available. Configure: (Name,Type,Limit), example below.

    Channel: [code]MotorTrend,1,50,0
    | Playlist:

How to setup Multi Room Sharing:

Channel Sharing:

Channel Sharing, allows synchronization between multiple XBMC instances. Sharing works by copying a "master" setting2.xml to a "slave" instances while also syncing it's cache and bct folder.
  • Master - Slave Setup:
    • Pick a Master XBMC Instance, this will be your main XBMC with already has a configured settings2.xml.
    • Network Share "master" userdata/ folder.
    • Go to your "client" instance and enable channel sharing from within PTVL's settings. Point the share folder to the "master" "userdata/addon_data/" folder.
    • While in settings configure PTVL's settings. All relevant settings (BCT's, Startup type ie. real-time, Misc.) should be the same as "master" setup. Visuals, OS type, and other non relevant settings can be configured independently.

    When the Client starts and stops it will sync itself to the "master". As long as you don't have any channel rules that overwrite sharing (random, pause) your shows should be within a few minutes of each other.
    If you are using "LiveTV" Each instance of PTVL has to be configured to use the same xmltv file. Easiest way is to network share the folder you keep your xmltv file in, then configure each instance to use that folder.

    Multiroom Setup:
    • In addition to the instructions above, Repeat the same instructions on the "master"; Sharing to the "client" instance.
    • Make sure to run the client end at least once before configuring sharing.
    When each (master/client) instances starts they will sync between each other creating a "multiroom" experience.

Video Mirroring:

Unlike channel sharing "Video Mirroring" doesn't require PTVL to run on a client device. It only requires another system running XBMC (future plans include full UPNP support which will eliminate the need for a client to run XBMC).
The "master" instance of PTVL acts as video server, all media played will be forwarded to it's clients. No user control (ie. EPG/Overlay) is available on the client end. It's simply a mirror of the master instance.
Enable kodi's webserver, and enable control via upnp on both master and client systems. Config the clients IP, leaving the default port 9090 (not the same as Kodis webserver port) and enter UserTongueassword information, for up to three client devices...
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