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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-07-19, 20:49)alienhead95 Wrote: Thanks for responding. I tried it on last night's build, I will try it again against the latest build.
One more question/suggestion/request. Is it possible to put the settings2.xml in a different folder?
The reason I am asking is, I use the same setup on a different machines, some are not in the same network. Initially setup is not a problem, copy paste will do it. But more from a maintenance point of view. If I could place the settings2.xml in a local dropbox folder, that will be freakin sweet. Is it possible?
(2013-07-19, 20:34)Lunatixz Wrote: ptv uses a string not url in settings2.xml... so you need to enter the link as is (spaces and odd formatting included).. As long as the link normally plays in xbmc then it will be played in ptv... just test outside of ptv first to avoid crashes.

so just make sure
value = "rrtmpxxxx playpath=xxxxx swfUrl=xxxx.swf live=true pageUrl=xxxx.html/php timeout=10"

also make sure your running latest upload from this afternoon... had a small typo in the code that really messed things up...

As for different folders that will never be a feature.
You could try a symbolic link to dropbox... can't say I've ever tried it... Don't see why it wouldn't work
!!but you can't run two ptv's on two different systems at the same time using one settings2.xml!!, it would be like a nuke went off!)

When channel sharing is fulling working for my mods, it will sync all feeds.

As for multiple XBMC instances with or without PTV my best advice is to designate a server.

My setup has a server with mysql db, all local media and also all strm files and the xbmc sources.xml configuration file including any custom playlists (this is important if you want to share ptv with other instances).
On your server in the sources.xml you need everything to link to your server... all paths using your servers ip not hostnames).
On your clients use advancedsettings to pathsubstitute to ip location of source.xml and video playlists... and use mysql settings to server.

then your set to share to any clients including android, atv, etc...
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