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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-07-19, 22:32)Lunatixz Wrote: I've been trying to figure out the best approach to in program channel managing for LiveTV and InternetTV...

Problem I'm having is the strings are too long for a user to manually enter (no one wants to copy one of those links manually into the manager).
So then the other option is to have a user select the feed from a list... which would be redundant to a feature i'm working on now... auto channel population from an external xml.

So this is how i'm leaving things... Master will be my stable beta that is out now... no planned channel managers...but...

I will be working on auto channel population which would allow a user to auto populate LiveTV or InternetTV from an external list... the user setting would be nothing more then a toggle button in the settings.
As for the channel manager, I will add full reading of LiveTV and InternetTV channels with an option to add a source from your xbmc favorites list...

Those two additions would replace the manual channel types 8 and 9... which I will still leave functioning to allow for settings2.xml compatibility... I will be making changes to the testing branch of my git if someone wants to help...

You thinking about parsing the output of the HDHomeRun Config tool?

My thought would be (and I can help if you need):

Set HDHomeRun Config Tool to output Strm files to XBMC
Point PTV Setting to that directory
Pull tuner addresses (0 and 1) for each channel
PTV Channel manager has HDHomeRun channel type with each channel available listed
So you'd go to Channel 1, HDHomeRun type, scroll through Station call sign to assign that strm to the channel.
PTV selects tuner0 or tuner1 based on master/slave pref

Boom, success. Let me know your thoughts, this seems like I could implement this pretty quickly.
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