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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Quote:Did you setup xmltv.xml in settings? did you enable livetv? is your xmltv file on a network share?
let me know...

Figured out what the deal was, my XMLTV location was off and I didn't realize it. However, I am still experiencing the same issue with the EPG on live channels. When you first load Psuedo with a live channel it takes what ever is currently airing and sets it to start now instead of placing it in the correct time block. Take a look at channel 16 in my screen shot below, "Cold Case" should have started at 11:35 and should be ending at 12:35. Instead it sets it to start like all my other channels that are generated from my content.

Maybe I can set Live TV channels to "resume" instead of "real time" or something?

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