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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
0k ive read and re read the first three posts,

i hit enter and the epg screen pops up, but with the settingsxml2 item i got from scilz, is it supposed to show a bunch more channels? i put the settingsxml into the appropriate folder i believe? but its not showing anything other than the channels such as vevo, and sky news along w animation, im confused on how id set say all of the live tv feeds from mashups add on or even navi x feeds? im a total newbee so im sorry w all the questions im just not good w wrighting xml or strm files....

awaiting response as id love to set this up on my mac as well as both openelec systems on my atv1's...

and in the configuration settings im not sure im pointing the program to the settings2, as i cant see it when i look for it in the folder i dropped it in?
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