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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-08-15, 16:03)henbone11 Wrote: Had something weird happen last night. Was flipping through different channels in PTVL and it locked up and xbmc crashed. When I restarted XMBC I went back into PTVL and it said that there were no channels available. I exited XBMC again and took at look at the settings2.xml file and it was like 70bytes (filled with my existing channels it is 156KB). So I copied the backup copy of settings2.xml back to the directory and restarted XBMC and everything was fine. It rechecked the channels and everything works like normal again. I was really tired when this happened so I didn't get any log information. Just thought i'd share.

Unfortunately settings2.xml is always stored in memory, so a crash could screw up the physical copy if it just so happened to be writing to it when the crash happens...
(2013-08-15, 16:03)henbone11 Wrote: Also, I know you are going to be taking away the ability to manually add channels to the settings2.xml in the final release, is there any particular reason for that? Manually adding can be a pain, but there are a bunch of rtsp channels that I add and doing it manually in notepad++ would be far faster than doing it through the channel config gui. These channels are not from another XBMC addon so it wouldn't be able to grab from anywhere when using the config. Just curious.

You're misunderstanding what I meant about removing manual settings...

Settings2.xml is just about the most important part of PTVL... so directly editing it could be problematic if an error in syntax is made...

You will still be able to manually edit, but not directly to settings2... I will have files like "livetv.xml" and internettv.xml" which can provided error checking before being written to settings2.xml
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