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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-08-16, 09:14)shess757 Wrote: Would it be possible to add live TV channels using HDHomeRun strm files, without an XMLTV file?

Will channels load without the channel ID value or possibly some other ID?
<setting  id=channel_1_1" value="" />

I'm stilling trying to learn how to use a grabber or download an XMLTV file, and would like to have live TV until I figure things out. Even if there is no EPG info just channel numbers.

Or would I just set channels up as internet streams with value in first line set to 9, and the HDHomeRun location set as the source?
<setting id="Channel_999_type" value="9" />
<setting id="Channel_999_1" value="5400" />
<setting id="Channel_999_2" value="hdhomerun://xxxxxxxD-1/tuner1?channel=qam256:399000000&program=2" />
Thanks in advance

Just use channel type 9 and follow example configuration for strm file.

I recommend you use a direct link for hdhomerun over strm files.

When your ready for xmltv switch to channel type 8 and change configuration.

(2013-08-16, 14:04)henbone11 Wrote:
(2013-08-15, 19:00)Lunatixz Wrote: You're misunderstanding what I meant about removing manual settings...

Settings2.xml is just about the most important part of PTVL... so directly editing it could be problematic if an error in syntax is made...

You will still be able to manually edit, but not directly to settings2... I will have files like "livetv.xml" and internettv.xml" which can provided error checking before being written to settings2.xml

Thanks for the explanation. I had not heard anything about the other files. Great news.

(2013-08-13, 00:57)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-08-13, 00:40)j2048b Wrote: Luna quick question, once everythib is set for final release will any of us need to do our own settings.xml's or have to take out channels that dont work? Or will it auto find channels that do not work and make them void?

Also if this is the case can we ask for certain channels to be added and someone keep up on a big settings.xml that is integrated?

Just a few q i had Smile

In the final build, almost all manual configuration will be gone...
Problem always remains that urls are too long to type by hand on XBMC, and its always going to be easier to (copy/paste) add that info using notepad.

But configuration will be made easier since options for adding from:
XBMC's favorite list and possibly directly from installed plugins will be included.

as for "Auto tuning"

To take some of the mystery out of it!! It will build channels either from a clean settings2 (no channels) or it will fill the empty channels with whatever was selected.

TV by TV networks (abc, amc, etc)
Movies by Genre
Mixed TV/Movies by genre
Music by Genre

As for the new channel types:

LiveTV and InternetTV will build from a list similar to the structure of the settings2.xml... this will allow for easier file sharing without messing up channel numbers for each user.
Youtube and RSS will have a structure also similar to what it is now, but cleaned up to just provide simple info like: name of channel, channel type
Livestream will read "thestreamDB.xml" livestream files and populate everything on the list...

BCT's will be mixed into auto tuned channels only... not sure of specifics yet...

as far as maintenance... I've tested everything from url headers, socket requests, rtmpdump requests... there is no one url validating method that seems to work universally.
So I will just improve error handling in general to avoid crashes.
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