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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Hi All... Linux Uber-NOOB here (heh-heh, running with OpenELEC)

First may I say a big THANK YOU to Lunatixz for getting PTVL up and running... and continuing to refine Function and Features.

I'm using PTVL for the first time now (with a huge choice of internet streams courtesy of scilz's latest settings2.xml file) - what fun !

I notice the audio is muted quite often - if this was covered previously, please forgive my asking. Under what conditions does the auto-muting happen, and will I have to unmute the sound every time I change a channel ?

Also, I cannot get the audio/video codec display to show in the usual way... is there a command to see this info while watching something from within PTVL ?

And one more thing (sorry...) - using my GP-IR02BK MCE remote (with no key remapping), I'm NOT able to switch channels with the CH UP/CH DOWN rocker switch (beside the Green Windows button)... only the navigation arrows respond. Is this the expected behaviour ?

Thanks again for an awesome AddOn !
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