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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-08-18, 13:50)mo123 Wrote: Improvements/Suggestions

1. Can these two plugins be supported in PseudoTV Live, & TVGuide
This is a link TVGuide parses to play ntv - plugin:// One&iconimage= & alternative streaming method is selected in the addons settings, the links are stored in TVGuide's addon.ini file.

I just looked at the addon.ini... don't see why it wouldn't work, if you put the links from that list into chtype "9" configuration.. but I'm not adding built in support for it... that list is only available when you have that addon downloaded... not really practical.

(2013-08-18, 13:50)mo123 Wrote: 2. Dead stream issue, a dead stream automatically gets played next time you open PseudoTV Live instead of a default or no stream.

I'm working on it... but I have not found one solution that works for all types of media links... if you know of one... please let me know...

(2013-08-18, 13:50)mo123 Wrote: 3. Anyway to show codec info & xbmc menu by pressing 'i' & 'o', since 'i' is replaced by PseudoTV live's menu?
"i" and "m" should work as normal... the rest I have no idea...

(2013-08-18, 13:50)mo123 Wrote: 4. Updating EPG from your own XMLTV file by making use of

XMLTV is supported... its the universal method for sharing epg info... you can find tons of parsers, programs, scripts to create xmltv files from different sources. but thats on the end users...
no planned support...
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