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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
settings2 PLUGIN version -
Guide logo's for most of the channels -
Requirements - youtube plugin,veetle plugin,justintv plugin,newest build of ptvl.

if you have channels you dont want to lose download my settings2PLUGIN then open it with notepad and copy 800-999 then paste those in after your last channel in your settings2
if you don't care about losing your channels rename my settings2PLUGIN to settings2 and just copy it over your old one.

work that needs done
- logo's for channel overlay
- xmltv guide info (i am a novice at this if anyone wants to help so we can add it to this pack that would be great).
- Grammer error's there are a lot i know
- Better info for the channels without any info source

known bug's
- some youtube channels never stop buffering you can push the spacebar to start them but they usually stop after a few second's and start buffering again. solution is to enter the guide and select the second video it will play fine then you can select the 1st video if you want and it will also play fine.

- if your screen goes black while scanning channels it's probably a youtube playlist that has a video that is now deleted. pm me the last channel number before the screen went black and if it is one of my playlist ill go take the deleted video of the playlist then you can scan and all will be fine.

- if screen goes black or you get error after the channel screen it is most likely a dead channel you can open your settings2 and take out that channel.
if anyone wants to help with any of the work that needs done or has stable channels from anywhere pm me.

thank you hellohello for added channels, logo's and organizing channel list.
thank you peppy6582 for added channels.
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