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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Thank you again for continuing to improve the PTVL Experience.

You asked for new users to report any bugs... well, I'm not sure if these are bugs or not, but here are a few anomalies I observe when playing with PTVL (nb: I'm using the latest "settings2" PLUGIN version from scilz for channel sources):

When using my remote (GP-IR02BK, no key remapping), switching between channels with the CH UP/CH DOWN rocker switch (beside the Green Windows button) is not always possible. The navigation arrows always respond, but sometimes PTVL is blind to the CH+/CH- remote commands.

When CH+/CH- do not change the channel, they seem to move forward/backward in the playlist of the current channel.

I'm getting a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde response to OSD commands in PTVL.

SHOW EPG: Sometimes the "OK" button will bring up the standard Player Controls ("M" on the keyboard) instead of PTVL's EPG. This happens erratically, with no predictable pattern.

"NOW WATCHING": Sometimes the "MORE/i" button will cause the standard Player Controls to appear ("M" on the keyboard) instead of the usual PTVL display.

CHANNEL NUMBER: the channel number shows in the upper left of the screen when you change channels, but does not show if you toggle the "Now Watching" info ON from within the same channel.

CODECINFO: This overlay function is normally activated in xbmc from the "Guide" button (or "O" keyboard command), and on occasion PTVL completely ignores this command from both keyboard and GP-IR02BK.

Sorry if this has been raised previously (if so, I didn't notice it): Is it possible to dim the background video when EPG is on the screen ? Or reduce the transparency of the EPG display ? The text can be hard to read against the running video - depending on what's rolling at the time.

I hope these observations are useful to the cause... I'm really looking forward to the stable version of PTVL - and configuring it to be Wife- and Family-Friendly ! Thanks again Lunatixz.
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