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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-08-27, 18:27)nerdmastax Wrote: Well I dont care for the way that it takes forever to parse youtube on every startup, I'm used to ptvl starting in about 5-15 seconds at most, with YouTube it takes me 5+ mins. also the buffering message problem.. if we had like 5-10 YouTube channels no big deal, but the latest one I cleaned had over 30, and removing them took 5 minutes off my load time.

also i suggest we make a google doc that we can collaborate on, then we could use the link for that doc as the autotune part of ptvl.

Are you running the latest git?? Because I changed reset rules a while back.... InternetTV, YouTube and RSS channels will only parse the first time the channel builds. Every load after that will be direct from m3u.

I have 300+ channels with 20 LiveTV ( which parse on each load). Load time are decent... Under a minute...

As for collaboration scilz and I gave a google code page for InternetTV... for editing anf future PTVL self updates... anyone that wanta to helo manage can pm me their gmail and i'll add them to the list.
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