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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Some Interesting Numbers...

Well, just to see what the State of Affairs is/was with PTVL, I refreshed settings2.xml with the latest trimmed version posted by scilz here. I deleted the cache folder and set PTVL to generate strms and nfos.

Total time from launch to youtube image on screen (CH875) 11m05s. Phew, I never thought it would get there.

CODECINFO does not respond on CH875. Using EPG to change to CH871, CODECINFO displays OK, but after one stream change to the next, EPG will no longer come up (instead, the standard Player Controls show when OK button is pressed). Stop button exits immediately to xbmc desktop (without the "saving info" message).

However, next launch time was much shorter - 02m02s. A few no-EPG & restarts later, and the launch rocketed by in 0m36s ! But no CODECINFO display. While watching one channel, the CH+/- buttons switch to next channel... but no response from these when EPG is up.

Hmmm... Consistently Inconsistent.

Is there somewhere I can look up the meaning of the info messages displayed during PTVL startup (ie: what's actually happening moment by moment):

- Waiting for File Lock
- Parsing youtubeTV
- Building InternetTV
- Parsing RSS
and of course...
- Exiting. Stopping Threads. (especially when this shows between streaming youtube vids).

Thanks again to everyone who's contributed to making PTVL better and better.
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