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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Some changes are coming to PTVL... mainly how sharing is handled...

For now I am reserving channels (800-999) for InternetTV...
You can still manually add any channels but please avoid using those channels.

There will be an option in settings to "enable external InternetTV" you can use your own InternetTV.xml list or by default if no local list is found PTVL will use a cloud list that is edited by the community and which will have its own discussion group via google code... to be added to the google code contribution page pm me your gmail... Using this list will override channels 800-999 in your configuration.

Changes haven't been pushed yet... I was hoping to add error handling with this update...

I also dropped the idea of building from livestreamdb's list...because this is a redundant feature... if you want a feed from their list it could be either manually added to your setup, or added the the community list.
If this feature is popular and receives positive contributions I will consider adding this feature to "livetv and rss" channel types.
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