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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-09-13, 16:33)xTapouTx Wrote: Lunatixz!!!!

You're a rock star, this is great! I've longed for something like this for years, there was always something missing from hit the nail on the head here! Prior to this I was just keeping my strm's in files and browsing to them, very cumbersome! So thank you for all your hard work and hours spent here.

I do have a bug to report though. I have 6 XBMC's throughout the house and they're all utilizing shared channels via SMB. Works just fine with PseudoTV however once I upgraded to PseudoTV Live I experience an issue where my settings and channels load as well as the last channel I was on but when I try to bring up the guide it flashes very quick and goes away. If I try that twice PTVL exits. Sometimes the guide will appear with no data or content being displayed and once I exit PTVL the empty guide will remain on the screen until I restart XBMC. Please note that PTVL works just fine when channel sharing isn't enabled.

Quick info about current setup
All Frodo 12.2
All Win 7 x64
(3) - 1Gig LAN (Setup with PTVL)
(3) - WiFi AC (Not setup with PTVL, yet)
librtmp.dll replaced
JTV 3.0.8 addon enabled
Veetle 0.1.6 addon enabled
PTVL master (downloaded yesterday 9/12/13)

Log below, sorry in advance for pasting the entire log. I wasn't sure if you needed more than just the PTVL info so I figure give it all to you.


[UPDATE] - Observation, this behavior only happens when another PTVL instance is active. It appears that the first PTVL instance will operate with no issues however once the second instance is ran on another node that second node experiences the guide issue.

Any problems with the EPG filling in data (ie, blank info, missing channel info, "channel" instead of actual channel name). is attributed to performance issues with your system... try limited background processes or increase system memory... Less PTVL channels = better performance since PTVL is taxing on system memory...

(2013-09-13, 10:47)dmarko Wrote: Hi,

I have installed this excellent add- on just for live tv because i have futubox subscription. I use guide on first page and setup settings2.xml file with 43 live channels as http links ("Channel_2_type" value="8") , tried rmtp links but channels frozen when play back start.
I also use webgrab plus and make xmltv.xml for 3 days and put this file on same location as settings2.xml, found all channels icons, and start program.
Everything works i am impressed with nice on screen epg.
Just problem is when program start, it take almost 60 min to parse xmltv file and start watching, whenever I start program. Is it possible that program store this info, so we can change this file every 10-14 days,
Did Live TV channels must start with number 800?

I also use simpleip tv add-on, and when xbmc start, epg info is automatically populate for 30 sec, but Pseudotv live is much better option because of nice interference and on screen epg.
I use master version, with stable version, pseudotv live have problem when parsing xmltv file and froze xbmc with black screen.

Read the FAQ in post three

(2013-09-13, 03:14)MeMeMe Wrote: I have used PseudoTV, and it does something very irritating to me.

When i startup pseudoTv, it starts a program playing automatically, and I have to click another button to see the EPG.
I haven't found any way to start it by default on the EPG screen, with no media playing. Is there a way to do that with this addon?

No, this isn't a feature I plan on adding...
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