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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution

I am sorry but apart from programming my remote using the Keyboard XML and a lot of help from XBMC Wiki I am not programme language literate, all my XBMC tinkering is done through the UI, so I have no idea what you are suggesting or where I would input those strings. Thanks for responding though.


All my music videos are scraped into the library, playing them all from playlists and from music video work fine.

File formats for music videos are mixed, MP4s, Avis, FLVs the one that keeps repeating is an MP4 and its properties are no different to other MP4s.

I have the minimum play length on PseudoTV set to 60 seconds,

What is Directory channel?

It is only Music Videos I am having trouble with I have created 60+ other channels from many different playlists, mixed and unmixed TV shows and Movies no issue.

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