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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-10-20, 00:04)Lunatixz Wrote: This isn't a release or beta or testing release... this is just a bare bone preview Tongue

1. Download my ustvnow plugin found in first post.
2. Download this file
3. Replace with the one found in your addon folder
4. Settings2.xml includes sample for ustvnow... pay special attention to (<setting id="Channel_1_3" value="ustvnow" />) this is a new value that will allow PTVL to use multiple xmltv sources. In this case ustvnow.xml
5. place all other files in the same folder as your settings2.xml
6. run mc2xml, build your ustvnow.xml file... ustvnow.xml has to be in the same folder as your settings2.xml otherwise ptvl will not work...

This does not include any other new features or auto tuning... just allows ustvnow to run in PTVL

Official release will include this in autotuning and autobuild xmltv files...

No support for this patch... use and setup at your own accord! I know it works!!
i think you may have left out run ustvnoow.bat i was having problems then ran the bat now all seems good.
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