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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Hi Luna,

I tried things out. It black screened on me when I used TV Networks, all others seemed to be ok.
Log is here:

Just a couple of other notes.
I personally don't want to use USTVNOW, so it was weird having to install it as a dependency. Not really an issue as such, but didn't seem to make sense to me. Would it make more sense to have a link to install it from the configuration screen for users that want to use that function?

Also, I noticed that it is possible to turn on Live TV in Autotune and yet leave both USTVNOW and HD HOMERUN off. Was PTVL supposed to do something anyway even though those two were off? If not then I would suggest that either a message lets the user know, or at least one of them is compulsory if Live TV is switched on, or it could cause confusion for some newer users, and ultimately lead to queries popping up here that could otherwise be avoided.

Hope it helps. This thing goes from strength to strength. Really looking forward to Autotuning being able to pull in local plugins as well (like FilmOn.... is that functionality on the list or am I dreaming?)
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