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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
I installed pseudo tv live at the weekend and followed the basic config instructions at the start of the thread:

- Updated dll
- Updated advancedsettings.xml

...not done any manual channel config as I know nothing about pseudo tv live other than it looks like it'll be great if I can get it work. And, I know very little about XBMC beyond what I've picked up in the last month.

When I run the app the screen goes blank and never comes back. I end up having to kill XBMC from the task manager. I've uploaded some debug logs (current and old log) although I've not yet received a confirmation email back (I will get one right?). The way it's behaving seems fundamentally wrong and may be pointing to another issue with my setup. Hopefully, either "Mr. PseudoTV-Live", or someone else knowledgeable in these matters can help me outSmile

I'm running xbmc 13 alpha 8 on Windows 8.1/Core-i7 Haswell with 16GB of RAM. And I apologise up front for any breaches of etiquette by not doing things right or not asking things right.

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