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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-09, 11:35)gjwAudio Wrote: Hi Luna...

(2013-11-08, 15:58)Lunatixz Wrote: As long as the resolution in ustvnow is set to the lowest setting, your free account will work.

I was really hoping the fix was as simple as you said, but the trouble persists. I confirmed my free account works from a browser window (permits LOW quality stream only).

I changed the USTVnow Quality setting to its lowest value (400kbps), verified my login credentials were correct, and tried the plugin by itself. No luck. Clicking on any "Live" channel gets the dreaded "Playback failed" message box.

To get a fresh log of PTVL doing its thing, I set PTVL settings to Autotune 1) LiveTV (USTVnow), and 2) InternetTV (...using Strm Collections), then launched PTVL.

The "building channels" info box came up OK, indicating 7 channels were generated. Then a brief "opening stream" box, almost immediately replaced by the "Playback failed" box.

Clicking "OK" cleared the screen, there was a flash of the PTVL program info overlay (not to be confused with the EPG) and then the closing PTVL box. At this point, the log was uploaded.

Here's the debug log, and settings2 file.

Maybe you can see something obvious from these dumps. Any ideas, hints or clues would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The problem is with autotune, not ustvnow... I'm looking into the problem...

Edit:: I broke the ordering for autotuning... I'm sure its an easy fix... But I don't have time right now... if you use autotune, things can get messy...
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