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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
I could really use some help. I want sooo bad for this to work on my setup but I can't seem to pinpoint the error. Basically no matter what TV station I create it crashes when I startup the actual plugin.

My station is just based on a simple smart playlist that is generated using a tag. I tried using more general channels like one with only 30 Rock but that didn't work either. The example youtube channel for the BBC seemed to work but changing channels was slow and I'm trying to get internal channels setup first so I delete them.

Here are all the system logs. I wasn't sure what was important so I included everything from when I hit enter on psuedotv live.

I'm running XBMC Gotham 13 Alpha 9 64bit on OSX 18.5 Mavericks.

The playlist channel is 11-HBO-Signature.xsp

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="tvshows">
    <name>11 - HBO SIGNATURE</name>
    <rule field="tag" operator="is">
    <order direction="ascending">random</order>

For completeness here is my settings.xml and settings2.xml
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