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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-21, 21:30)EZ1976 Wrote: hey guys
i have a question:
if i set my channel refresh for daily, i can go in the evening and i will have to wait a good 5-15 minutes till all of my channels are populated.

i asked this before but cant recall if you answered it, it would be cool to have a background channel rebuild/refresh.
something to schedule for 3am and never have to see the "channel 18 added"

that way i will have all my channels always ready to go.
i saw it refreshed in the middle of the day but i couldnt do anything with xbmc till the refresh was done (since it did the refresh in a window on top of everything else - if you know what i ment)


I think u might be over using the refresh option.. .

Chtype 8 rebuilds daily.... Non configurable.

All others by default build automatically, which means when the playlist is at the end.

Rebuilding chtype 9-11 should be weekly depending on how often you watch and the limit you set.

In many cases rebuilding the above type daily would just regenerate the same playlist you had prior to rebuild.

All other types depended on how often new content is added. A channel setup for newly available shows should be set for daily reset.

basically you should be setting rebuild per channel not in general.
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