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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-26, 23:02)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-11-26, 20:47)MrsAngelD Wrote: Ok I've been reading, and I'm kind of confused can someone please show me an example of the xml for youtube subscriptions. Thank you so much for this addon btw Smile

The one I'm having trouble figuring out is playlists for youtube.

Examples in post 2. Can you be specific one what your problem is?

Well I looked at the example you have posted but I can't seem to figure out the proper way to make youtube playlists work. I must be getting the format wrong or something, which was why I hoping to look at an example of the settings for a youtube playlist.

Also I can't seem to make strm files work, I have this: in my settings2.xml file and I know the stream works because I can watch it through xbmc but the channel won't show up in pstvl
<setting id="Channel_8_type" value="9" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_1" value="5400" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_2" value="smb://angelscomputer/Videos/Streams/Russia_Today.strm" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_3" value="RT" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_4" value="24 Hour News From Russia Today." />
    <setting id="Channel_8_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_rule_1_opt_1" value="RT" />

Also thank you very much Smile
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