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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
I feel like a fool right now but I have been struggling with this for a better part of a day.

I am attempting to get an initial setup for PTVL but I can't seem to get the install worked out. I have read the first three posts over and over and I am sure I am missing something silly. Here's the deal. I am installing the master (, as recommended in the first post, but it keeps installing version 1.3. I have uninstalled and deleted the script folder (userdata/ multiple times. When I re-install it still pops up as version 1.3. It tells me that an update to 1.7 is available, but when I select update, the update never happens. This would not concern me so much except I cant even get 1.3 to launch. When I launch it just turns my screen black. I followed Milkman's guide and he said that if my library is large it might take a while, I waited two hours and still nothing. I guess I am finally admitting that I need some help. This kills me because I used Jason102's PTV before without issue, but have let it go in favor of this new fork. I'm dying to give this a try. I am really excited about this program and appreciate all the work that has gone into this project. I also appreciate anyone who has the patience to help me out. - Cheers
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