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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-02, 00:18)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-12-02, 00:08)Grbspltt Wrote:
(2013-11-30, 07:05)Lunatixz Wrote: Can't say I've ever seen that problem before... Its an easy fix, but it requires me to update code... I will fix in the next master push...

just one question what kind of xmltv id is "NA_SD_CA04486:-_10743_5 " what xmltv grabber are you using and what country?

This is my XMLTV file if that helps.

I use XMLTV Gui from:

Using NA_SD grabber for Schedules Direct. It was working fine up until I updated from the master a few days ago.

I fixed this already, you tried last nights master??

(2013-12-02, 00:04)Redkiller223 Wrote:
(2013-12-01, 23:58)scilz Wrote: i made a skin with only 3 rows at the bottom before but you have to edit ptvl itself so if/when you update to a new build that luna put's out it will go back to 6 rows. you can hide the bottom 3 of the 6 rows tho without editing ptvl but pushing down will still go down to them you just cant see it. (kinda anoying) so basicly if you are only concerned with making 3 rows for just you it's posible but only way to make skin for others is if luna changes the code and if he would do that then the great skins that ARYEZ made would not work. if you still want to make the 3 row skin (for yourself) the info is in a thread on here somewhere i think it was the ptv skin thread with tmans skin ect.

Yup just figured that out. self.rowCount = 3

@redkiller try the visible condition... and let me know if it works....

I highly recommend not editing the script... if you find a few "skinning" variables within a script you would like to control from within a skin... send me a list (ie fonts, rowcount, etc).

I can't figure it out. Like this or something?... <visible>false</visible> Sorry im not a programer, just makes me frustrated. Confused
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