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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-04, 00:42)genbap Wrote:
(2013-12-03, 23:57)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-12-03, 22:25)oferprtz Wrote: Hi Luna,

Used latest master build and with minimal configuration.
set the autotune to discover USTVNOW, found the channels correctly:
    <setting id="Channel_1_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_rule_1_opt_1" value="ABC USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_1_changed" value="False" />
    <setting id="LastExitTime" value="1386101329" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_rule_1_opt_1" value="CBS USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_2_changed" value="False" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_rule_1_opt_1" value="CW USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_3_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_rule_1_opt_1" value="FOX USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_4_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_rule_1_opt_1" value="NBC USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_5_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_rule_1_opt_1" value="PBS USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_6_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_type" value="8" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_2" value="plugin://" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_3" value="ustvnow" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_rule_1_opt_1" value="MY9 USTVNOW" />
    <setting id="Channel_7_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_type" value="7" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_time" value="0" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_1" value="" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_rulecount" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_rule_1_id" value="1" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_rule_1_opt_1" value="InternetTV Strms" />
    <setting id="Channel_8_changed" value="True" />
    <setting id="LastResetTime" value="1386101777" />

and its seems that when the PTVL is loading the channels and get timeout.
needless to say ive deployed the USTVNOW plugin according to page 1 and from the plugin itself its working fine.
ive noticed that when im using USTVNOW plugin directly, sometimes the channel takes time to load, so maybe the PTVL timeout is too short? just a guess.

DEBUG of xbmc.log:

btw, did you removed the donor configuration section? can't find it.


Did you enter your tmdb api key correctly?... try disabling tmdb, does PTVL encounter a black screen?

Donor was moved to Misc.

(2013-12-03, 23:54)MovieJunky Wrote: I want to say thank you Luna, amazing work.
Many of the dropbox links on page 1 are offline.
Could someone please provide me with the link to Ayerz
Orange skin and the file with fonts.

Thanks again.

there is no need to manually download skins, they are included now in the "skin selector"

Anyone having problems with PTVL, please disable TMDB and anything with "Coming Soon" should not be enabled!!

(2013-12-03, 23:51)genbap Wrote: Black screen this afternoon Luna. Here are the logs using download from #1411.

Your debug xbmc.log:
Your debug xbmc.old.log:
Your XBMC crashlog:

Disable TMDB, should work after that...

I don't know if you will find this helpful or not Luna, but I hope so. Following your advice I opened PTVL configuration to disable TMDB although I did not think it was enabled. In fact TMDB was not ticked but when I attempted to open PTVL, after leaving the configuration menu, it opened fine.

It's because of my changes... If I change the setting id for a switch, it will leave old data in your settings.xml...
By habit anyone using my builds should delete their setting.xml every version change... This will remove any old code and start clean.

Once in final build most major features will be finished so there won't be a need to do this anymore.

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