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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-05, 03:44)photo848 Wrote:
(2013-12-04, 04:32)photo848 Wrote:
(2013-12-03, 02:34)Lunatixz Wrote: Buffering issues are unrelated to PTVL, you need to address any problems with your system, or network configurations...

I went back to your latest master and again ran into the blank screen issue. I was able to get Live TV channels with your older post from yesterday but the latest master is not working for me. There must be something different between the two that allows the Live TV to work with the older build? All of the TVDB items are unchecked as are all of the coming soon items. I still had the buffering issue when it was working so still need to figure that out too.


I now realize that it's not just the Live TV channels that buffer but also the You Tube Channels. Anything that is identified as Channel_Type Value=11 seems to work fine but the You Tube Value=10 or the Live TV Value=8 buffers. I am kind of at a loss as to what my next steps are. Have you seen or encountered anything like this or have any ideas on how I can correct this? The videos only play about 3 seconds before buffering so unable to really use like that. Interestingly though both Live TV and just using the standalone You Tube plugin works fine outside of PTVL. If it's not due to PTVL does anyone else running Openelec have any ideas?


Here is the latest log file if that helps at all ->
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