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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-08, 20:56)Lunatixz Wrote: @ anyone having problem, follow the proper instructions for updating to master git (located right under the download link)... it's not there as a suggestion! you need to follow it...

As for me... I'm detecting just too much bullshit from a certain ungrateful user!! I suggest they stop posting, and go back into hibernation!

You publicly abandon and berate users and then ask for people to volunteer to beta test. Cant have it both ways.

I'm posting my findings while following your methods. If you'd like ill post a nice video for you so there is no doubt that the system is acting in this way. I know others have seen the issue, who knows why it exists.

I am grateful that you invest your time in this project but I am not willing to bow down to you and kiss your feet. Nobody's perfect, accept that you will be subjected to customer support scenarios when you take on this kind of effort.

I have given suggestions to ease the pain of dealing with bugs and logs by removing the need to describe a build configuration with relative terms like "latest", you ignore this and choose to struggle until the endless confudion leads you to outright tell someone the issue is "bullshit" or user error just because you don't know.

Get over yourself. Feel free to add me to your douche list. That will show me who's really king of the interwebs.
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