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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
@MovieJunky, There is no "wrath" to incur, lol

Just don't consider me a tier one tech support!
If you have a problem, I would assume you tried your hardest on your end to remedy the problem.
I have little patience for users who on their end do nothing, whiling expecting me to some how cure their problems...

Look how many users posts don't include logs, like i'm some kind of oracle!!
Or how many questions are asked, that have been answered already, or are included in my lengthy first three posts.

There has to be some level of trust that as a user you are knowledgeable in basic XBMC, Plugin, and Computer skills.
I understand noobs are plentiful (I was one once). It's up to you! to do your due diligence before using this program!

Would you rather I spend my free time answering how to install an xbmc plugin? or spend it developing new features??
Maybe then you can understand my frustration!!

Google is your friend, if you don't know something "Google it!"

This is an open forum, you are free to ask, and do whatever...

I would prefer users suggested features and discuss problems... But read the first three posts first!!

BTW this is in general and not speaking directly to you MovieJunky
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